on unimportance of being sentimental. ...

@krajibg (11936)
Guwahati, India
August 30, 2009 9:22pm CST
Hello Mylotters, What could have been the reason that must have caused damage than any natural calamities and wars though out our civilisation and to we mankind as well. Yes, This is what we call “SENTIMENT”. However, I am not here to talk about the big deal of ‘sentiment’ like the ones that unite the entire countrymen to fight against something that is against the common interest of a particular region. There is logic and is legit too. But how about our petty sentiments on being American, English, Indian, French, black and white people in South Africa and still going a step further; Asian, European or the East and West sentiment? So easily this flicker a negative emotion in us and we do a lots of damage to our own being. We have seen blood shed over such ‘negative sentiment and people have been dying just like anything. Still there is a great and the worst sentiment and that is the religious one. Look how long has been the enmity between the Christian and the Jews and the Hindus and the Muslims? What good have we achieved out of being outrageous if feel this is a slur upon our religion or our country or community? Are not we educated enough to be able to form out our own reasoning and logic as to what to let in and what out? Let us ponder over this and see the use and abuse of being sentimental. Rajib. 31/08/09
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• India
11 Sep 09
Hello my friend rajib Ji, I think, this "I" requires to be replaced with "WE'. Everything will become Ok. We all have 'ego', that this is mine. That ha sto be removed. Right from child-hood , we are taught after our birth about relationship, with parents/family/society/village/town/state/country and lastly only come regions etc. So we get attatched. Remember, your Guwhati. No body should utter a single drawback, even if it has. This sentiment allows to safe-guard interest in you and we fight, though w eknow, taht we would never be able to carry all these things alongwith us after we depart from here. Let's take out that 'ego' and we will become fightless. May God bless You and have great time.
@celticeagle (121096)
• Boise, Idaho
31 Aug 09
Hey krajibg, I think sentiment and sentimental hold a whole degree of difference to me. Sentiment is in its way alittle silly and contrite where being sentimental is feeling the extremeism of tender feeling. I am overly so so I can see the fine line.
• Gibraltar
31 Aug 09
Wow my friend very contextual discussion. But why there was no response from the big head of mylot on this? They are afraid or what? I do not see there anything that could raise hair of someone or would put grin on some one's face. Yes people get sentimental over issues of no imporatance. I laugh at those people who discriminate between white and dark people in America. They know it that basically America was not the place of the whites and all they were immigrants. Only the red Indians were the aboriginal of that locality and now the black American are coming back on them. Writers like Tony Morrison and ochers show that they are not the less.