past is always sweet.....

August 31, 2009 1:21am CST
past is always sweet.....dont you think....I think so that past events are always sweet.We had sweet friends,sweet relations and sweet days than today...
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@etavasi (751)
• Malaysia
31 Aug 09
My past is not sweet . I always feel sad in the heart. Most of the memory was so bad and hurting me. Now for me no need to thinking or remember the past, i already learn from it. New friends new relation better than the past.
• China
31 Aug 09
Come on!hope you good luck.O(n_n)O~ Tomorrow will be better.
@EliteUser (3968)
• Australia
21 Sep 09
Hey, Yea when I always look back to the past, I can see that I have had some quite good days where I have had fun. I honestly miss those days, because all of my friends are gone, I don't any with me at the moment. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@LittleMel (14051)
• Canada
1 Sep 09
not really. there is always ups and downs in life. past, present, and future that's what life is and we are here to live it till it's time to go. there were some things I like in the past, I love 80s and 90s music for example but my personal life is certainly better now than back then I wouldn't say my past is always sweet because it wasn't
@tintukm (1083)
• India
1 Sep 09
I don't have the view ,past aren't always sweet and make us happy upon remembering them,there would have lots of bad and unwanted things that would have happened but I don't that everyone would be having the similar bad memories,there would surely good memories that one could think of and keep on smiling and weep when they give us much more of a pleasure.Thinking of the past,is only done by us when we aren't engaged at any other things.Cherishing the memory is always good to keep us knowing from where have we started and where have we recently end up.
@yoyokiwi (31)
• China
31 Aug 09
yeah,when I was in high school,I had a lot of good friends and we always went against what the teacher told us to do.Although we had to bear the cynicism of our headmaster,we felt happy because we were together.Friendship will never change,that's why we feel safe and sweet.