Salsa recipe.... need one please help

Salsa ..yummy - I just love salsa and cheese dip on my chips!
August 31, 2009 2:59am CST
Hi! I really love to eat chips with cheese and salsa.Since I love to eat it everytime I just thought why not learn how to make it instead of buying. Anyone here knows the recipe for the cheese and salsa dips? Hope you can share it with me. Thanks a lot!
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6 Sep 09
Try They have all sorts of salsa recipes, including the following link to a recipe for Salsa Verde, mmmmm:
6 Sep 09
Ooops, it's
@Archie0 (4669)
31 Aug 09
Oh well even i love to eat my chips with salsa and cheese dips, well making salsa is not that hard too, you can finely chop some onion, tomatoe, green chillies, corriander, mint leaves, salt, pepper powder and some red chilli powder with a hint of lemon juice.there is your simple salsa ready.What you can do is just spread your chips in a microwave safe plate and then put 1 spoon of salsa each on chips then spread grated cheese over the chips and microwave it for 5 min on medium it will go just awesome.
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31 Aug 09
Thanks for your response. Aww how i love to go to the groceries right now and buy the ingredients for that hehehe. I specially love eating nachos with salsa and cheese whenever I watch a movie. That's my favorite snack for movie watching.