How do you know the love you recieve from your partner is real?

United States
August 31, 2009 5:56am CST
Gone through many relationships but none compared to my last one in which I previously spoke of. What qualifies as true love?
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@bendev (7)
• India
31 Aug 09
A true lover/partner should respond you in a honest manner. Moreover she/he will obey you and give considerations,ask for permissions and do only things which are acceptable to you.
@Boyetski (989)
• Philippines
2 Sep 09
If you use he word honest.. Another question will come to you.. How would you know id your lover's honest right? For me as long as your trust to her is not broken by her doing's I think you can still say that she's in love with you. Romance is almost the same as Lust. So we cannot base how in love we are on Bed scenes or how she / he obey's you. Maybe it's better to pair love based on trust than love based on lust.
@chinlynn (21)
• China
1 Sep 09
she bear a munber of things for me which I contribute all my life are not enough to rebound upto her. she loves me as wide as the sky. ture love, I think, is contribute and believe
@Boyetski (989)
• Philippines
31 Aug 09
Love is a word. The nature of Love is how patient you become on Loving the ugliest qualities of you're partner and you're partner of you. Normally we say we give out love and not expect anything in return. But what do we give up.. Our lives? ("I will die for you") I would rather say ("I will live my life for you") at least it for a reason right?