Is it possible to rend a car, in California, whose license plate shows "NEVADA"?

August 31, 2009 11:12am CST
Hi, everyone, I'm not living in the USA and I have no ideas about how to rend a car in the US. So, I need your help, especially that of people living there. A friend told me he travelled to LA from San Francisco. He rented a car in San Francisco; while driving, he found there's a problem with the car, so when he arrived at LA he went to the car rental place and switched the old one with a new one. He sent me a photo and said that was taken while they were on the way back to San Francisco. In that photo, I can see very clearly the license plate showing "NEVADA" above 4 numbers and 3 letters. I wonder if it's possible, in California, to rent a car which owns a license plate with different state name. Or it's impossible by all means. Thanks
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@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
31 Aug 09
Simple. Many car rental companies have branches in multple states. If one rents a car at such a place and travels out of state, they can probably have the option of returning the car at a facility in another state. Much the same way U-Haul trucks are rented for one way trips. This is pretty common actually, not at all unusual. Your friend probably rented such a car when they went on their trip, one rented in another state, Nevada, for a one way trip and was returned when the renter got to califrnia. It could well have been rented in other states too before it wound up in california.