How much do you get for 100 posts?

@miajane (361)
United States
November 13, 2006 4:30pm CST
and how much have you made on this site already?
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• United States
13 Nov 06
$$$$ - Money from myLot
It varies. I have 531 posts and am up to $15.00. You make more if you include images, add photos, and make sure to rate (+) the discussions you reply to and those that reply to you. Also, make sure to respond back to those that reply to your discussion topics. Welcome to myLot, have fun, and best of luck.
@miajane (361)
• United States
14 Nov 06
thanks so much. i didn't realise there was so much more than just posting.
@tmnjyk (3486)
• Canada
15 Nov 06
Last night before I sleep I have 394 posts, and so far today, when I checked my stats, I made already $22.73 for those 394 posts. Yesterday I posted 41 discussions and made me today $3.16. Its now my second day that I made over $3 as yesterday also I made over $3 with my discussions alone. I don't know how it happens that I made that much because I usually don't :) maybe it was just a good day. I know what I did for these past two days was posted set of discussions.
@DiaB10 (137)
• Germany
13 Nov 06
i already have $1.98 :(
@Lovely_Lady (1524)
• United States
13 Nov 06
I just started yesterday and I made $1.64. It's not much and look at my points. I only have 132. hhehehe...
@apalachee (490)
• Australia
13 Nov 06
unfortunately, this is a question everyone on my lot has, everyone gets different amounts for each discussions they start and post.. No one knows how much we earn per post, and i think it also depends on how popular your discussions are and how your rating is.. personally i made 99 cents yesterday. i made like 66 posts yesterday..