South Africa
September 1, 2009 5:07am CST
Hi im a newbie to this site , im a bit confused , where do i start with a post do i just say new discusion and then start a new post, im prettty excited to be on this site but i need some help ,ill prob figure it out as i go , any help would be apreciated .
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• Indonesia
1 Sep 09
You could start with adding a lot of favorites so your homepage update will be covered with a lot of topics which expand your choice in responding a discussion. You also can open a new discussion like this but make sure you give comment to each response in order to earn from that discussion. You can also start adding friends to expose your topics to fellow myLotters so they become aware about your topic and respond to your discussion. Hope it helps!
• South Africa
1 Sep 09
Thanks this helps , i have updated my favorites ,im trying to update my deatails , the friend part , do i just send a url link to my friends to join me on mylot?
@Archie0 (4669)
1 Sep 09
Welcome to mylot, every newbie has a problem o how to discuss and how earnings will rise and how it all goes, it is really very simple you have to respond to others discussions carefully, make new discussions, perofrme some tasks and get as many referrals you can to the site, for every response you make you get 1 cent, for the tasks you do their particular rates allotted will be given if your task is approved and if you get one referral you get 3 cents and if that referral is active you get 25 percent of their pay.:)