why do you like strawberries

September 1, 2009 8:50am CST
i don't know why some people like strawberries? what does it does for body.
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• United States
23 Jan 10
I honestly know very little about strawberries nutrition. What I know plenty about is the taste - so good. I like eating plain strawberries or with chocolate or whip cream. I love strawberries.
• China
22 Jan 10
Hi,taylorgret,bcz of strawberry's wonderful taste and lovely outlook.I can't resist to strawberry.It always my favorite,I like strawberry flavor ice cream tooo.Have a nice day.
@srija12 (211)
• India
13 Nov 09
Hi, Strawberry has nothing special to do with.I has the same taste like other fruits.Since it is a seasonal fruit people have on that
• China
3 Sep 09
I like to eat strawberries, when into the strawberry season, I would eat every day. Strawberry signs nutrients easily digested, absorbed, and will not eat cold, or get angry, is the ages of the healthy food. Strawberry contained in the synthesis of vitamin A, carotene is an important material, with out the role of just Liver. It gastrointestinal tract and anemia have a certain role in nourishing conditioner. In addition to strawberries can prevent scurvy, the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and has a good effect.
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
1 Sep 09
Hey i like strawberries! I guess it could be because we dont grow strawberries in the climate that we have in our city in the philippines. and i personally like it because i find it cute! Strawberries are very high in vitamin C, but it sure is high in uric acid also. So, if you have gout, it is a major no no for you.