whats an ideal day for you

September 1, 2009 10:21am CST
What according to you is an ideal day? Or how according to you should be an ideal be I mean how should it start and how should it go on and finally how should it end? For me an ideal day would start with a nice sunrise along with a small drizzle and cool air... wow that cool what about you?
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1 Sep 09
I have so many definitions of an ideal day that I would rather prefer to say what a day otherwise would be for me. If I have to wake up after a bad nights sleep just to know that nightmare is still going on and I have to live with it for whole day again, that would be a real bad day. Any other day would be an ideal day for me I guess. I know some days might be full of challenges and stress but as long as its within my control I will take it with all glory. But if something is out of my hands like a rude boss, bad team, a badly designed system which has to be implemented no matter how bad it is, then it definitely is a nightmare.