September 1, 2009 1:01pm CST
ok so im playing eve right now and im loving it its very open to so much and it allows you to do so much too its a player owned market so you call the shots and playing it is very enjoyable. so my question to you is whats your favourite mmorpg and why?
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@PYneer (96)
• United States
1 Sep 09
either runescape or world of warcraft. i like rs becuz its free and decent, but warcraft becuz of the graphics and stuff.
• Ireland
1 Sep 09
but there are so much prettier games than wow i'll admit i wanna join it but there are prettier
• United States
15 Apr 10
i have never played eve before. but it seems like a really awesome game. i would like to play that game sometime. although it costs money so i might not. but there are alot of awesome mmorpg games that i have been playing. there is a huge list of them that i have been playing. i mostly play adventure games. i also play first person shooter games.
• United States
14 Sep 09
My favorite MMORPG's are Guild Wars and Maple Stoy, as for one where all you do is type for the rpg? Furcadia. Guild Wars, because it was my first MMORPG, Maple Story, because its interesting and my friend plays it...
@markost (25)
• Malaysia
7 Sep 09
I quite enjoyed 9dragons and 2moons, both operated by Acclaim games in the US. mostly because of the community, as for game-play, its quite decent, and can be addictive at times. Somehow, 9dragons is able to immerse you into an oriental martial arts realm, which is a good change considering most games give you medieval or high fantasy settings. 2moons on the other hand is quite fast paced and well, requires teamplay to advance to the upper levels. both are worth checking out, as they're free to play. On account of P2P games, I played Lineage II on a regional server, the map is huge, content is huge, and its pretty well established. Lineage II give a refreshing take on character progression, where you plan out what you want to be, and go from job to job. As with other mmorpgs, you need to level, collect artifacts and fantastic weapons and grind. The good thing is, you don't have to grind in one particular location all the time. You can roam the whole map if you want to.