What is your most remembered experience/s?

September 1, 2009 11:53pm CST
Today, my mate ask me to accompany her to the market, obviously to buy some fish, chicken and meat. Yet, I'm so sleepy but I still wake-up and follow her to the market. Ok, then she drive straight to the market and when we are there we go straight away to the chicken stall. That market is so wet and so slippery plus I'm wearing a slipper with no grip, of course I need to be so careful, you know how the wet market look like right. Then she ask me to ask the "chicken man" for 2 chickens and she wanted to go to the meat stall and I wanted to follow her, but when I turn around I felt unbalance and....I know you can guess what happened after that...ya, OMG, in the public man... The thing is, I don't felt so embarrassed but my butt*** is so painful. Its funny actually, when we think about it again and again. Hahaha ;p This will be one of the most remembered experienced for me. How bout you? Do you had one or more? I like to know, and I'm sure all of our buddy in "my lot" want to share one with you...hehe
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• Malaysia
3 Sep 09
Yea..I can imagine how does it feel. And i'm sure your friend must be laughed at you too. Anyway, this kind of experience really helped us in recovering the pain during that time.And afterward does the pain will start to grow.hehe. It is important to us to wear a very stable and secure types of shoes such as crocs or anything that can be wear at any place.It doesn't matter whether if the place is a dry or wet but we need to be more precaution. Prevent is better than cure right? So, my point here, don't recklessly wear shoes without thinking the possibilities or risk that might occur to you.hehe.