ok here this.. A CAT that EATS VEGGIES?!?

United States
September 2, 2009 1:27am CST
I really have NEVER seen a cat eat veggies until I seen my parents cat eat one. HE was born about 2 years ago and he's the cutest guy you've ever seen. My parents told me that there cat was eating veggies. I couldn't believe it because I didn't see with my own eyes. But they kept on telling me. So they figured he's lacking something in his diet. So they bought him the cat food that has more veggies in it. Think that'd help? Nope! he still steals the veggies. He steals I mean he steals. he will pick it up and run away with it!! He eats Tomatoes you drop it he sees it it's gone. And he runs and he'll eat it. The whole thing except where the stem is. He loves Avacados of course peeled my mom shares with him. And he steals green peppers but he doesn't eat them. Just steals them. And the funnest of them all. He loves Cumcumbers!! HE will steal a cumcumber peel it himself and than eat it. I kid you noT!!! we found the skins of the cucumber left over. I"m truly AMAZED!! This cat is crazy and to add this he's even crazier! But Oh so Cute!! Have you ever heard of this? It's amazing to me.
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• India
3 Sep 09
Yes,some cats are vegetarian.Everything depends on us.My cats favourite is chapatis,rice,milk and butter.
@mymelodake (1339)
• Philippines
2 Sep 09
Haha!! Your parents' cat is really funny! I've also seen a video of this cat on youtube who really loves broccoli. The owner of the cat shot videos of it eating broccoli and the cat is really greedy for it too! He would grab at it and eat it, and I think once the owner tried to take away the broccoli and the cat got mad!
• China
2 Sep 09
There's nothing strange, my family's cats to eat cucumber, I know it certainly is very hungry. That day I go to work, at home no one, forgetting to give it to prepare food, only the cucumber in there, when I come back, cucumbers do not have, and have let the cat eat. I was very surprised, actually. my cat, in addition to cucumbers, other vegetables are also eaten.