IMReportCard did not give me permission

September 2, 2009 12:59pm CST
I tried signing up for IMReportCard yesterday but they didn't give me permission. I am located in the Philippines and they said that because of my location my signup would be approved by a moderator. During the sign-up process they asked me to write a paragraph or two about my online marketing background or experience. Since I just recently learned about making money online, I wrote down that I am still a newbie and have just a little experience about online marketing. A few minutes later, I received the email from them basically saying that they are not allowing me to be a member. Could I have done better? Are there Filipinos here who are able to sign up with IMReportCard? What should I have written instead?
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• United States
2 Sep 09
ouch that sucks. i wonder why that happened. i would have changed my address on the application since they send the cash to paypal not your home. maybe they were looking for more of an experienced person to write reviews
• Philippines
3 Sep 09
yes i think they were looking for more experienced ones. You can't changed your address though since their system automatically knows where you are located. It really sucks..
@Lockjaw (73)
• New Zealand
4 Sep 09
The reason for this is because ImReportCard said that they have received a tremendous amount of fraud and inappropriate use from the following countries: India Malaysia Nigeria Philippines Singapore Sorry, but it's the rules. It is in their FAQ if you would like to read more about it.
@underdogy (700)
• Thailand
3 Sep 09
I tried it myself couple of days ago and told them I don't have background or experience about online marketing. Guess what? They gave me the same response as yours. Though they hire people from different countries, I have seen some comments here of people that IMReport card is indeed strict when it comes to hiring people outside the US. Are there people here who were allowed to be a member but don't have any online marketing experience? Can you please share it here so everyone can benefit?
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
2 Sep 09
The same thing also happened to me. I don't know why the didn't give me permission to using their site. Such thing also happened to my friends. I have asked my friends who are also doing making money online, all of them also said that imreportcard didn't accept their registration. I think that site is really won't allow users from South East Asia region especially my country and your country. I don't know what is the reason but the fact is we faced same condition. I wish if they will open their registration for us so more people can use their service. Good luck and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.