how often do you pray?

September 2, 2009 1:18pm CST
honestly,i don't pray that often..i don't communicate to God everyday but his always on my mind..please help me make more close to him..
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• United States
2 Sep 09
I pray when I am not even realizing it. Sometimes in a situation I say please God help me. You could start a habit and pray at night before you go to bed, or start your day off with a prayer in bed before you hop out. Ever since I had my son who will be 2 in October, I pray with him at night. We just thank you God for the day we had, and we bless family memebers. I think it is important even if we don't make it to church to help him understand a higher power.
@shavvy (88)
• India
3 Sep 09
i pray to God when i walk up in morning and pray for give me positive energy all the day..i feel like when dere no way to get out from any worst situation i just say help me god..that gives me strength from that situation to go and move on..
@joygracia (1328)
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
Honestly, I tend to pray only when some things is crucial but once in a while, I thank GOD for all his blessings to me
• China
8 Sep 09
I pray to God everyday before I go to bed. Usually, I read a chapter of Scripture, then pray, but sometimes I also pray before reading Bible. I'm keeping this habit for several years, but at beginning, it seemed a burden I didn't really want to do. And I always started my pray after I lied down. The result was I fell asleep before pray finishing. - So aweful! And I wanted to pray before meals, but I also remembered it after I started to eat. Then I experience a process of faith. I told my troubles to a sister in Christ, and she prayed for me. And I realized the importance fo prayer, especially for a Christian. I began to pray with my heart. And how amazing that I learnt to pray before meals. It's so natural! If you asked suggestion, xyniece, I think you can ask yourself to pray everyday at set time. Make it be your daily habit. At the same time, study Bible, the words from God. And when you grow up and your life becomes change, you will find it's more and more natural! And hope your will be better and better!