If you want to gain more, then will you be willing to lost something?

@lcainiao (201)
September 2, 2009 7:40pm CST
People often gain from losing, and lose from gain. Women changed men, men changed the world, these maybe truth. we seem to understand cherish after losing, the people who don't understand cherish isn't eligible for owning it, losing make people gain more then know how to cherish. Gain and losing, which one gains more and understand better? If we get one thing, is it a must to lose another thing? Life is full of fickleness, there is gain, thhere must be losing, you should konw to cherish when you are gaining, learn to be relieved when you are losing, most people are greedy, if you want to gain morem would you like to lose?
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@vivianchen (2648)
• China
3 Sep 09
I know what you are saying, you mean, no lose, no gain, right? Actually, this is just an old saying in people's mind, but i do agree that we should cherish the things we have right now, or we will regret one day when we lost it. As the whole world is a balance systerm, if you want something, you have to lost some other things. Example, you want more money, you have to work hard, you work hard, then no time for entertaiment. That is your lost!
@bingchen (1126)
• China
3 Sep 09
if i wnat to gain more,i think that i can be willing to lost something,i have this idea,i found that money is very important at that moment,it can change my fate and my life and my attitude to something,but i know that i must earn depending my working hard,this can gain more fortune,i could not do wrong thing to gain more,so maybe i lost something,i think that happy life,my marriage,so this would be change with it,maybe i would be cried for my behaviour,but i only do like this.
• Indonesia
3 Sep 09
If i gain more, i am willing to lost something or some. But what do i gain first? Will it proper for the loss? I have to make a balance. I don't want to have too many loss, or i'll be bankrupted. Lol.