Is there such a person in your mind?

@lcainiao (201)
September 2, 2009 8:22pm CST
Maybe you had been in love, or you may liked each other. But, for what reason you could not be together? Perhaps you two met too early to know how to treasure each other. Perhaps you met too late, and you had another person by your side at that moment; Perhaps it was too late when you turned round, he or she no longer waited there; Perhaps, while guessing each other's thought, both of you still can not step over teh border line. Or perhaps, even though you didn't go together, you both still keep friends. You would rather care about him at a distanc - it is better than to be together but have to say goodbye one day. You would rather to be his/her friend that you both won't be jealous of each other, and can talk everything under the sun. Is there such a person in your mind?
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@becky01 (81)
3 Sep 09
One of my flatmates. I have such strong feelings for him, I guess we can't be together for the simple reason that he doesn't feel the same, maybe not the response you were looking for? We are so alike and everything about him is perfect. It really hurts that I can't be with him but after loving him fruitlessly for a year I'm trying to move on, I know now that I can't have him as a boyfriend so I have to make sure I don't lose him as a friend. Who knows maybe someday circumstances will change and we will get together, I can only hope.