Is English the most sophisticated language in the world?

September 2, 2009 10:51pm CST
Once I follow a long discussion about the most difficult and sophisticated language in the world. The result is English as the most difficult language to learn because of its spelling, phonology, pronounciation, etc. But, the others claim that France is absolutely the difficult one. What do you think?
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@Simon1223 (902)
• China
11 Sep 09
It's quite difficult to decide which language is the most sophisticated language in the world. To people who live in Europe or North America, the most sophiticated language is more likely to be a language which does not belong to the west system, for instance, Mandarin or Arabic. West languages, such as English and French, are based on alphabet. When you hear a word or sentence, you could usually write it down. But Mandarin is based on Chinese character instead of alphabet. To people who is not Chinese, it's not easy to write the word or sentence down when he hears it.
• Indonesia
15 Sep 09
Yes, I agree with you even Japanese is also difficult to learn especially the writing.
• Indonesia
3 Sep 09
I think both are dificult. I don't know why, my english bad until now. I learn english since 13 years old until now (32 years old). But my english still bad