Emotional vampires, any ideas how to avoid them?

September 2, 2009 11:22pm CST
It is draining me out. I really am confused. I want out. Unfortunately I am still obliged to interact with an emotional vampire. It was worth it during the first few months. Hiwever it got worst up to the point I cannot get out. Will someone help? How do I get rid off a blackmailer?
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• United States
3 Sep 09
Trust your gut feelings. If your inner self tells you to turn away, then do so. And learn to turn away from guilt. Don't feel guilty if they have hurt feelings. Always remember that they have no power over you unless you give in. Lastly, enjoy life. Do things that interest you like playing the piano, drawing, writing, etc. =))
• Mexico
3 Sep 09
This term is new to me.I dont know what is emotional vampires. If it is about depression.Then i can say that,thinking positive will help.I have this problem too.I always says be positive.But myself think negative.i always assume negative. Today i find a good article may be it will help you. http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Your-Luck