Do you think festivals affect the eco-system?

Enjoyment of Festivals - Hula dancers dancing and enjoying the festivals.
September 3, 2009 12:31am CST
We celebrate many different festivals. We have different ways of celebrating our festivals. However, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to do rituals which make a negative effect on the environment. We burn fire crackers which creates sound and air pollution. We play loud music or band which causes sound pollution again. and the list goes on... Do you think that the festivals we celebrate actually have a negative inpact on the Eco-System? Or do you think its completely allright to hurt the environment in the name of festivals?
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• China
3 Sep 09
In China, there are many, many ethnic minorities, and their festivals are very frand, very lively, very moving. But they did not burn fireworks, there is no air pollution. Many holiday rituals are handed down, and for some time can not be changed, which requires us to our joint efforts, to protect our planet's eco-bad territory.
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• Philippines
15 Sep 09
we practice these festivals due to to main reasons, for tradition and to attract tourists to boost our economy, and we all know that economic growth has its corresponding effect on our environment, and its our choice what to prioritize, our economy or our environment.