Classmate reunion after 9 years' separation

September 3, 2009 1:32am CST
Hi Mylotter friends, last weekend we had classmate reunion after 9 years' separation. It's such a great thing to meet so many old clasmate again. 9 Years do change a lot! Most of us have already had our own family, kids. How time fly! Did you ever have classmate reunion? How do you feel of it?
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3 Sep 09
I never had a reunion so far. Its been only 5 yrs since I left college. I guess its there in pipeline somewhere. I can understand how you might feel. Though not a formal reunion, I have met very old freinds and classmates in public places on certain occasions and its definitely so suprising that you both see other as if you are from different planets. The other guy might have put up a lot of weight or otherwise and might have grown bald or grown mustache and have change 10 companies by the time you are still struggling to get out of one. :) Things do fly by very fast but then this is what life is - a journey.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
3 Sep 09
That is great! I would like to meet my classmates now. But, I don't know how can I get hold of them. I complted my 10th grade in 1998 and it has been so many years since I meet any one of them. I will be nice to know about the updates from your friends and collect the communication details and keep in touch here onwards.
• China
3 Sep 09
yes i have this reunion ,i am still a student now, the feeling is complex,we do not have many topics that we are familiar like we were,we will ask each other the life we are live now,we tell each other what happened in our lives these years,it seems ...we are trying to find the feeling of the time we are together