What makes your angry

September 3, 2009 1:35am CST
What makes your angry? do you get angry very soon? how do you overcome your anger?
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• China
3 Sep 09
I do not get angry often. But sometimes, other people's attitude and the way they talk to me will annoy me. Anyway, I will forget it soon. It's not worthy of it and anger really hurts.
• India
3 Sep 09
I become angry when someone lies and when someone doesn,t come in time and make you wait for longtime without any perfect reason. I stop talking when i am angry but then my anger goes off quickly. Happy mylotting.
• Philippines
3 Sep 09
The things that make me angry are the things that does not usually go my way. It's quite stubborn when you are going to think of it but for example, when i stand up from my seat in front of the desktop, someone will take my place and surf the net like i was not around, then i would get angry of course. Or when i don't get what i want. Those are some of the things that pisses me off.