what do you think of twitter?

September 3, 2009 1:54am CST
hi mylotters, what do you think of twitter? many big websites have their official account on twitter. that really make think of it. are we getting benifits from it? if yes, then how? i have made my twitter account, although, do't get anything what to update? if you want to keep up with me on twitter, lets follow each other. you can follow me on my profile. Happy mylotting...
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@fineartist (1217)
• United States
5 Sep 09
I like using Twitter, and very honestly, it consumes too much of my time. Since I like art and art history a lot, I follow many art museums. I also follow CNN and news reporters that I find to be interesting. I follow other artists, too. I just like Twitter very much! Have a wonderful day and weekend!
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
3 Sep 09
Hi there, i have an account in twitter but honestly i dont know what to do there. They said just write anything but what comes next i dont really know what is the benefits of having an account in twitter. I dont visit my twitter account much often because i dont find it a cool place, anyway keep on mylotting
@britt_200 (1227)
• United States
3 Sep 09
i think twitter is the most ridiculous site ever!!! its so worthless! and all the hype around it is way overrated! people are using it so much and when i tried it wasnt that interesting...you can tell people what youre doing every second of the day if you want to on facebook or myspace with your status updates...and if thats not your thing...then you dont have to...but if its not then WHY HAVE ONE! who knows...i just didnt like it at all