Do you like cooking?

@kevinll (967)
September 3, 2009 3:48am CST
I like cooking, but my ability is limited i can not cook well. I learned some cooking style from book and internet. I cann't cook for other person and i only can cook for myself. Now i am learning how to make Pissa. Do you like cooking and do you have special dishing? Let's share them.
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• Malaysia
3 Sep 09
Same goes with our buddy tingtong...I love to cook so much. My friends, mate, parents, and relatives said my cook was good and that make me want to cook even more. Annoying isn't is? hahaha..I like to cook many types of foods, either western style (especially on grilled dish), Malay, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and many more. My style while cooking, I doesn't like to follow the rules, steps, ingredients and so on. I just like to do it my way and adding the ingredients according to my own instinct. Even though sometimes it does look weird and look not edible, I'll try to fix it over and over again. Last 2 days ago, I made green apple salad without followed exactly from any recipe. I just do it as I like. Plus, I also made some black pepper beef, 'sambal chip' (fried spicy chips and anchovies),some vegies and caramel pudding for desert. After this I'm trying to make my very own book recipe!haha..Joking.So my point here, to learn how to cook doesn't need to follow every instruction given. You can cook by your own. Everybody can cook like Gusto's quote from ratatouille.hehe.
• United States
3 Sep 09
I do like to cook, but i really like to bake and enjoy baking cookies and different cookies as i get recipes online and then head to store for the things i need. I enjoy cooking for my parents at night as i am always the one preparing for dinner and making dinner. I enjoy doing it for some reason and i don't know why but i enjoy cooking. Every night and everyday is something new for me when cooking dinner and I'm hoping to make some chocolate chip cookies today and whatever else might come my way.
@magickat (382)
3 Sep 09
I love cooking but don't get to do it as often as I would like. I didn't learn to cook until I was about 20 when my then-boyfriend taught me. Before that I lived off pasta and take aways! My other half at the time had lots of food allergies so had to cook most of his own meals. Once I got the basics there was no stopping me and I love trying out new recipes and playing about in the kitchen. I am now dating a chef so it can be a bit intimidating cooking for him but he's been pretty impressed so far I think :)