ANAKING: Has anyone knows this site?

@mobhomeir (7565)
September 3, 2009 5:18am CST
Hello guys, I just would like to ask help and need your advise and opinion what would I do to retrieve back my money on this site..ANAKING. I had been hacked by this site last August 31. Some of my paypal savings had been eaten by this site. I reported this right away at Paypal but just today. The Paypals Fraud Team said that there is INSUFFICIENT evidence in support of my claim. It is so disgusting and so hurting. This is the situation: Just the other day (August 31, 2oo9), I was shocked to see my paypal account had a debit of an amount that I had not been authorized. The receiver is ANAKING website. I don't know what's this site all about. When I tried to look for this site, there would nothing you could see. Well it would have been a little consideration if I did received something from this site in return of the money I've wasted. But the question is where is the item that I wrongly purchased from this ANAKING?...Please guys I need your help. The amount that this ANAking hacked me was part of my first payout that I patiently save it for my plan to invest it for another potential on line business. Now it was so hurting because the time and effort to accumulate and save that amount was just being hacked instantly by this ANAKING site....Would you guys please look for this ANAKING site and please tell me what you see on this..if you can... Would you guys please help me what would I do to retrieve back my HARD EARNED money? I would owe you a lot every suggestions you would give me...thanks very much...
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