Were Roach's commentaries about Pacquiao uncalled for or just a ploy?

United Arab Emirates
September 3, 2009 6:12am CST
While some would say that Roach's commentaries over Pacquiao not yet in training was uncalled for and derogatory to the Team Pacquiao's morale, other would see it differently. Coach Freddie Roach is known for his sharp verbal jabs against his prized protege's opponents, trainers, & detractors. He just could not do but break his silence whenever he was beset with under-the-belt commentaries from different sources. However, it seems that just recently he was caught unleasing his deadly verbatim against his very own protege and all the people who swarmed the latter in an awesome display of disgusts and irritation on air. What was he really trying to do? Was he sabotaging Team Pacquiao? Or was it just a part of their ploy to baffle Team Cotto into a roller-coaster ride? Let us know what's on your mind.
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• Philippines
4 Sep 09
Maybe he's just concern to Manny's coming fight and wanna warning him to do his job.