Does our family background really affect us as an adult in sociaty?

September 3, 2009 6:59am CST
A majority of child from a wealthy or middle class families tend to be more successful as an adult than those from poorer families. Despite the fact that the child maybe the same interm of intellegence. The wealthy and middle class would teach their kids certain ways of communication as well as manners. Whereas the poor families may not have the knowledge to brought up their kids the same way. Some reasearcher has put it that the wealthy and middle class have what we would call a 'pratical intellegence', with which those know how to acquire what they want and in what situation to do so. Contrary to 'analytical intellegence' which those are good at analytical thinking such as matematic or chemistry. As a child it maybe in their nature to imitate their parents, as it is believe that most fo what we lern are from the people we associate with, so most of it would be with our parents. If we have a wealthy family, we would most likely to be wealthy as an adult, If we have a poor family we also would most likely to be poor. This, however is not entirely true, as there are some that manage to go from rag to riches, it is just more effort that is all. Beside we can choose what we want to become isn't it?
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• Philippines
3 Sep 09
I think I may to disagree on that part. there are some people who do become successful in life, from rags to riches. it didn't really matter where they came from but what mattered to them is how they became successful and how they made others happy with their talents or abilities. unfortunately not every poor becomes rich, some becomes poor again because of their unwise spending of money
@Archie0 (4669)
3 Sep 09
Yes as far as i think it affects and affects at greater extent, because family backgrounds, their cultures really throws a large image on us.For example if someone is a gangster family that image goes with it for centuries.Even if one person from them is a good one then to he gets the label of a gangster family only.So i think the background or family history really matters.