What inspires you to follow a balanced diet?

September 3, 2009 9:30am CST
In my case the fear of putting on weight and an increasing waist size keeps me on track with my dieting routine. Next comes the long list of diseases like high BP, Heart problems, Kidney stones (excess protein) which makes me stick to the diet. I am young to eat anything I want and almost as much as I want as I do a lot of workoutts as well. But then, what you eat now decides what you would be like in the old age. The diseases I mentioned above are some of the few which can be a pain not only to you but to your loved ones as well. What do you think friends? What inspires you to follow your diet?
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@marguicha (106560)
• Chile
3 Sep 09
I think my inspiration comes from my automatic pilot. My father was a biochemist and we did not eat meat at home when we were little, but proteins. And I was a little more than a toddler when I heard for the first time of esential aminoacids. The same kind of talk was about carbohidrates, vitamins, minerals and so on. It was part of a play at the table when we ate and we got the feedback of a smile for a good answer. We also learned then that a balanced meal was needed to be healthy, not to keep away from illness. At that time we did not learn of the inmune system, but when the time came, we incorporated that to our conversations. By then I was already married but my parents were much part of our life. So I don´t really follow a diet. I´m now a bit overweight (put 20 pounds on when I quit smoking a year and a half). It wasn´t a change in my metabolism: I ate all the candy I could get my hands on. So now I´m on my way to get my best pants back. Stupid pants shrunk and I had to buy a couple of new ones. I have shed 8 pounds since I started 4 months ago to eat a little less and frink a little less. No dieting, simply moderation. I´ll get there, maybe for Christmas. Still I wouldn´t be called fat by anyone. Take care
@dlr297 (5418)
• United States
3 Sep 09
I follow a good diet to stay healthy. When i was young i did not follow a good diet, and ate just about what i wanted to, but when i started getting older and started getting sick with high BP, and Diabetes, I started changing my eating habits, and it is easy to stick to a good diet now because i do not want to be sick.
• India
3 Sep 09
Balanced diet along with a healthy lifestyle gives great comfort to me. More than anything I just want to be free of health problems even if it is just a little throat pain... So health problems force me to maintain a balanced diet.