Science subjects or arts??

September 3, 2009 2:26pm CST
My little bro has recently passed his 8th he has to decide the subjects for 9th class....and i want some suggestions on subjects he studies in his next class...He is also in confusion and not i thought i would take your suggestion or arts???
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@adz333 (176)
• India
5 Sep 09
First of all its his interest that should be taken to consideration.If he has a attitude for science let him pursue that or arts.Since am in science department I think he won't to bad in that coz there a lot of opportunities for science nowadays.Keep posting.Happy mylotting.
@elenyae (390)
• Australia
3 Sep 09
I've always thought that science subjects kept your options more open. Because there are so few (if any) prerequisites for Arts courses at university (at least in Australia) and so many for Science, doing science stream would enable him to do whatever he wanted at uni. This would be pretty helpful, especially if he hasn't made up his mind about future careers yet (most likely, judging by his age).
• Malaysia
3 Sep 09
Since I was from a science stream, I would obviously say science. Like arts, science is very diversified and when one gets to go to college or university, one will find that science are well integrated into arts subjects too. You can actually qualofy for a BSc. degree but may actually specialised more in arts major.