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@jen14ed (868)
September 4, 2009 1:04am CST
harry potter question are you into harry potter do you think harry potter series is a literary classic have you read any of harry potter book in english Are you suprised that the harry potter author J.K Rowling is the highest earning novelist in history? Religious group say the harry potter books are dangerous as they promote witchcraft among children what do you think of this?
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• India
12 Sep 09
I am 57 and I many a times thought, "wish i too got the letter from hogwarts when I was 11" :) Am sure, children would be much more crazier than me...
@MrZenic (81)
• Singapore
4 Sep 09
I yet to read it. No i am not surprised that J.K Rowling is the highest earning novelist in history as the stuff that she writes is brilliant! I personally do love her work. It is her work that made me such an avid reader especially to non-fiction books. If I am not mistaken, witchcraft itself is a religion. I am not really sure how witchcraft can be dangerous. Lastly, I do feel that the readers themselves should be responsible to what they read, and decide what to follow and what not to. Ultimately it is the reader's choice.