How namy listen to Hillsong United Cd from Australia?

@applepod (224)
September 4, 2009 9:00am CST
Hillsong has written more praise and worship songs from any other church. It is a fantastic church in Australia that is has 20,ooo people who attend the church.
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• Philippines
25 Jun 11
I listen to Hillsong live and United almost ALL the time. I have 98 % of all their songs and album. Right now my favorite Hillsong United album is the - I heart Revolution's Tear down the walls. I just keep playing it on my laptop. I think they have their own style that you can't really find on other Christian artists. And the fact that they're an entire Church Worship team makes it more interesting.
10 May 11
Actually I'll think you'll find Matt Redman's collection alone outways the total combined musical creativity of Hillsong, not only that you'll deffinatly find the Vineyard has produced more music (it's been going since the early 70's) and was founder by John Wimber (who wrote many of their early songs) later worship leaders have been Brian Doerksen, Chris Tomlin, Brenton Brown, David Ruis, Kathryn Scott, Jeremy Riddle, Autumn In Repair, Wendy O'Connol and Nigel Briggs. As to fantastic, you should look at your bible mate and then compare their name-it-claim-it mentality, especially at Hillsong London... as to Brian Houston don't get me started, listen to a real preacher like David Wilkerson, and then compare them, or Leonard Ravenhill or John Piper, A.W.Tozer and half-a-million other preachers with a better grasp of scripture than that baffon... Hillsong is a Popularist Movement, Jesus was not "Popular" for very long... if Hillsong hasn't lost it's way then it will do soon...
@ddaguno (3110)
• Philippines
19 Jul 10
Hillsongs have great songs. If ever I get the chance to go to Australia, I would like to visit their church to experience praise & worship with them.
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
i love hillsong united because they're more youth-oriented but of course you still get the feel of worship, i think that's truly what they focus on. you're right applepod, they've written more praise and worship songs than any other church and the even nicer things about their songs is that they're easy to sing incredibly high notes that only professionals could reach.:)