September 4, 2009 4:59pm CST
It's not merely an accident that I was born surrounded by people who expect much from me. Though I don't really know if they have something against me-I grew up trying to please them..trying to be exactly the way they want me to be. And oftentimes,I fail. Ofcourse,I'm not perfect enough to be what they expect me to be. Sometimes I wished I was never born to be a part of a family that's center of attention---in our society,my family is kind of popular..something like that. I never intended to feel against the people who surrounds us---I love them dearly. I sometimes feel that being angry with them is some kind of betrayal. So if I may ask you, have you ever been in the spotlight? Have you ever felt like running away from the kind of life you have? Have you ever felt the urge of wanting to trade anything-anything at all-just to be able to turn your back on the people who expects so much from you? I always wonder how it live a simple life, the way others does. Like nothing else matters as long as you survive for a single day at a time---it's enough then. Whoah!
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@EliteUser (3971)
• Australia
20 Sep 09
Hey, Yea I have always felt to run away from the kind of life that I have. I just want to turn my back on the people who expect so much from me. My parents always say 'oh look at that person, he does so and so, he is good, why can't you be like him?'. I can't take it anymore. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
yeeesssshh! that looks like a difficult one, considering that they are your own parents. well, just show them that you are a unique person and capable of doing special things on your own special way..geez!
@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
..That's really hard.. I remember the movie which was portrayed by Mandy Moore about a princess who wanted to live a simple life without so many bodyguards when she goes out.. I do understand your feeling.. However, you're already in that situation.. Maybe you could try to converse with your parents to allow you to be free from all the security guards and all the watchmen.. You are born to be in the spotlight and you have to learn to love that because until you keep on refusing that kind of life, you will never feel happy.. Try to befriend simple people in your place and eat with them.. let them realize that you are also a human being who commits mistakes.. I hope you will feel better in the future.. God bless..
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
thank you so much, i love your encouragement. GOD bless!