My Braeburn Thermastat

United States
September 4, 2009 7:05pm CST
This topic is random and probably not of much interest to anyone on here but let me just express my frustration with this thermastat. Now I'm no idiot, I grew up with technology and have known how to use many things without having to read directions of any sort. So imagine my surprise when we moved to our new apartment a week ago and not only could I not figure this thing out, niether could my husband! We spent over 45 minutes changing the temperature and time and everything on this thing, we reset it and nothing happened. Our new apt reached a temperature of 84 degrees and we decided to leave. Luckily we weren't officially moved in to our new place. So we called maintenance who kindly came to the our new place and got it working. It worked great all week no issues and we were able to make adjustments to the temperature to go with what was comfortable. Last night my husband decided to get the date and time on our thermastat right. Well this morning it just stopped running and now I'm sweating my butt off. Why do apartment complexes insist on installing high tech thermastats and no directions for the tenants? Makes no sense to me!
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