i cant believe she did this

@trisha27 (3497)
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September 4, 2009 7:33pm CST
As many of you will find out I watch a lot of judge alex shows as well as tv. So ok I did not post this yesterday but this happened on yesterdays showing and I cannot believe that this one lady did this. I mean like seriously what was she thinking. Ok so there was this one lady she was suing this other lady for destroying her leather jacket. You guys will not believe how she destroyed this womans leather jacket. You would never guess.....she put human feces, her own human feces in a napkin and put it in the womans pocket and all of this was all over a birthday party. The woman was asking her if her kids would be going to her kids birthday party and the woman informed her that the kids would not be able to make it and the woman got really upset. Took her jacket rolled it around in the mud and took her own feces and shoved it in the womans pocket. I mean was she truely serious. Yes she was. And she even admitted it in court with a big grin on her face. She was truely serious. Judge alex was like out of my 14 years of being a judge you are the most disgusting person I have ever met. And I would totally have to agree on that one. So anyways towards the end of the judging the woman that did the act wanted to sue for emotional distress $1,200. Was she completely serious again. I'm like what emotional distress seriously. She didn't have any. If anyone were to be suing for emotional distress it should have been the other woman. Well all in all at the end the woman who sued her was only suing for $500 for the leather jacket and $45 for getting the jacket cleaned. I can't believe first of all she tried to clean the jacket I would have thrown it out. That's what the judge said too. Then so in the end judge alex gave her the $45 for the cleaning, $500 dollars for the jacket, and $1,000 for emotional distress although she didn't ask for it and all in all she deserved every penny. What are peoples thoughts on this.
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9 Sep 09
My husband loves those shows but I just listen in sporadically. I've heard some crazy stories but this one takes the cake! That woman should not be allowed out in public. I'm sure glad I don't know her! And I'm even more glad that Judge Alex gave her the money for distress!! She's even got all of us going, 'eewwww!'
@erikmama (12929)
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5 Sep 09
I watched that yesterday too! It was really gross! I have never thought of doing something that nasty even to my ex who abused me! I think you have to be a very trifiling person to even think of doing something like that!