Did you collect coins?

@dhawanbm (3705)
September 5, 2009 5:10am CST
Did you collect coins? Ever in your childhood or student age and when you were in school?
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11 Sep 09
Hello,, I do collect coins since I was a child, I love coins which are shining and new,, It's quite funny that I used to kept it, but then if I'm broke I can't stop my self from spending it:
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
6 Sep 09
i still collect coins and increase the collection which my father left for me. My father used to collect coins and have a large collection of these coins from all the countries. since i cannot much do to increase it so i put the coins of my country which seems new and different from others. i do not know where to get those other countries coins so i just give my share in national coins rather than international ones.
• Indonesia
6 Sep 09
actually, collecting coins isn't my hobby. But I like to keep some coins sometimes. I use them to decorate my guitar. My friends joke me, they say I can run away from my home with my guitar only because coins on my guitar keep me living for a year.
@reco13 (605)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
Yes, I did... It has been a good hobby when I was a child and I do collect coins. There I learned to save money and see at the end of the month how much I was able to save. It's fun and I recommend it among children today to know how to value money and enjoy money coming from your own savings.
@jayrene (2712)
• Philippines
5 Sep 09
yes i did and still do up to now. i started collecting coins when i was 10 years old. we constantly move back then, and whenever we move of course i had my collection with me, but some of them got lost. i only have very few coins now in my collection. i remember i had plenty from other countries, as i got friends that send me coins too to collect.