I am a "lunatic".

September 5, 2009 9:39am CST
Yes,apparently i am a maniac or a lunatic according to one of my neighbor.Let me explain this one,i have been here on this street for 5 yrs and i like to keep to myself.I have 2 job,2 kids and better things to do than to get together with all the other moms to gossip about one a other.Nobody ever took the time to know me or my family,they just judge by our aparence(tattoos)me and my husband just mind our owe and i guess because of it i am a "black sheep".Now i don't care until my kids suffered from it and when that particular neighbor started to let her son bullie mine(she sat right there to whole time her 6 yrs son told my son that he was a stupid losser and to get the f**** of his property!I lost it.....Are you serious!So i flip out and now i am a lunatic.....what else would i be??
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