why jumping off a building is not advisable

@angryeve (705)
September 5, 2009 10:08am CST
What's up with people trying to commit suicide by jumping off a building, a cliff or billboard. I mean, come on there are lots of way to commit suicide which are more discreet and not that scandalous, plus not that painful. Well after a decade of thinking (hehe not really true), most of them doesn't really want to die yet. Some may be just confused, but most of them just want some attention. Which I really find funny by the way, cause if they're just in need of attention, they should have just auditioned to some talent show and do something creative like drinking gas or something to get everyone's eyes on them. But no, they'll rather stick to their dummy plan on going way up high on buildings. Some, more even mind boggling for me, ask for demands like, "get my ex wife here", "I want to talk to the media" or try to make a deal with the cops on not pressing any charges. What a loser. And then after calming down a bit and totally realizes that they could really die and that they don't want to die, they then start to climb down. But ironically, some of them suddenly slip. So eventually some still die. This reminds me of a breaking news years before, a boy, ages around 10 I think, tries to commit suicide by jumping off from roof to roof on his neighborhood and wouldn't go down (though I don't think he's serious on killing himself). His mother was almost having a heart attack seeing his son's situation. The boy I think was even smiling at that time, obviously just playing around and loving the attention that he's getting from all the neighbors and not to mention, the media who were covering the incident. When suddenly a gun fire was heard. Somebody shot the kid. And as everyone tries to pinpoint the gunman, everyone was surprise to learn that it was some barangay official, who by that time is a bit tipsy. Reason for shooting.... he just got irritated.
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• Philippines
11 Oct 09
how can that stupid barangay official be so intolerant to the kid, i mean he's confused for pete's sake and doesn't deserve to die like that. that's extremely horrible. what happened to the tanod by the way? i hope he lost his job and sent him to jail. he's not fit to be an official, if he can do that to a kid what more will he do in a hostage situation