The Thing About Perception

September 5, 2009 1:04pm CST
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "People only see what they are prepared to see." As such, I just feel that we should never be closed and narrow minded with other peoples' prerogative. Like the recent website about the people of Walmart (, which was started by 3 young friends for the purpose of novelty and some hilarious humor. Since August, the site has been a the talk of town or rather the cyber community as its site's hits had gone up by 700 per cent and became the latest star on the internet. Yet, I must mention here that this site has its equal share of criticism and the other side just do not find them amusing or humorous. We have heavy criticism and disgust from members at Associated Contents. The other side just do not see the side of the site creators and the negativity is just endless. I felt that the site creators had been meticulous and measured in their ways and have never posted pictures of handicapped people or Walmart's staff going about their work. I admit that the pictures are not pretentious and is all out to make fun of people. However, the people pictured in the first place, are blatantly daring with their dressings in the public, so I say it is fair game here. It is also an interesting fact that it really matters which side of the camera we are on sometimes. As I have seen quite a few episodes and flare ups here recently, I just wonder if members could pick up a lesson or two here about perception. I just feel that as outsiders to certain heated issues, I would not want to stand on the Associated Content members side where they are just simply blinded by their own prerogatives and not wanting to hear the other party out. Just ever so quick to conclude with their narcissism. I just hope that people could broaden their horizons and not stay inside the well to view the world. And it certainly helps one to be slow to speak and eager to listen most of the time. So, I hope that we can learn to understand others in the future before even exploding into something we cannot conclude and regret later. Let's live and learn, people. Ref:
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