Computer viruses

September 5, 2009 2:05pm CST
Should all hackers be arrested? Can you hack? Have you ever tried to hack? Would you ever create a virus? Viruses....... Do you have the most up to date internet security? Have you ever had a computer virus? Have you ever had your computer destroyed by a virus? Do you virus scan your downloads? Do you know why you need to update your virus protection? Do you have the limewire software on your computer? Did you know if you don't check your limewire downloads you will get a virus? Did you know by going to some websites you can get viruses? Do you keep personal information on your computer (social security #? credit card #'s? bank information? passwords?) all of the information that you keep on yuor computer can be stolen if you do not update your computer and its software. Have you had your identity stolen? Did you know if your identity is stolen it can take up to 10 years to sort out everything? Do you have insurance for your social security? Has anyone ever tried to steal your identity and got caught? When was the last time you virus scaned your computer fully? Security...........
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