Fire the Redskins Hiring Crew!

United States
September 5, 2009 3:20pm CST
Seriously, fire them all! The news for today is that the Redskins RELEASED Chase Daniel while at the same time placing Colt Brennan on INJURED RESERVE! He won't play this season due to a hamstring tear! WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?! Here's a 3rd string QB, Brennan, who didn't play at all last year and has been injured previously in 2008. Further more, he threw three, that's right, THREE interceptions in the pre-season alone! Chase Daniel: ZERO interceptions AND THREE TOUCHDOWNS! HOW DO YOU CUT A GUY LIKE THAT?! Chase Daniel is a rookie who MUST have a place on the practice squad come Sunday before some other team snatches him away from us! He is the beacon of hope and shining star for a future replacement of Jason Campbell. Frankly, the way Campbell plays somedays, that may be soon rather than later. What do you fellow MyLotters think? Anyone agree that the Redskins staff has gone completely BONKERS?! :P
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