Selfish dog owners, have they impacted you?

@ilyzium (1206)
September 5, 2009 8:01pm CST
I think that selfish dog owners have become so prevalent that they're everywhere! I have one neighbor in particular who let his dog bark at all hours of the night. I finally stepped in and complained to him, which was like talking to a wall. I left him a msg which went unnoticed. Finally I said enough is enough! The problem was that every morning the neighbor was letting his dog out, free to roam the neighborhood as he was getting ready. The dog pranced up and down the block barking up a storm. How would you feel at getting awakened every morning 1 hr before you're supposed to wake up? Not pleasant but I said to myself that I will do something. The next morning the dog did this I ran to my bedroom window and started throwing a few of those candle light candles at him to scare it away. That didn't do much. Next, I ran outside and got out the hose and ran after him and hosed him down. He was surprisingly quiet from that time on? I actually found out recently that we do have a noise bylaw here against barking dogs. Ok, well time to report my other neighbor. The other gripe I have is that these inconsiderate people that also refuse to clean up their dog's poop. I even witnessed someone who's dog left a "deposit" on my lawn, and quickly took off without picking it up? I will from now on report all "wrongdoers" to my city hall. What experiences have you had?
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@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
6 Sep 09
Even I felt this many times. It is good to keep a dog for security reasons. But the dog owner should maintain it properly. Otherwise it will create all nuisance to the neighbours as you pointed out. They should keep the dog in some cage and keep clean properly. You should speak with them and settle the matter instead of geting disturbed
@ilyzium (1206)
• Canada
6 Sep 09
Hi mdvarghese, Do you know I actually did speak to the dog owner twice but he dismissed my concerns, and just said that dogs will be dogs. I also sent him a letter and it went unnoticed. This went on for over a year! I actually should have reported him to city hall which I later found out. But yes it's nice to have a dog around the house, a dog that's well behaved and not a nuisance barking at all hours of the night and morning. Well, that dog later passed away and this dog owner now has a quiet dog that he keeps inside, so no problems there. :)