A Word About Race & Immigration

United States
September 5, 2009 10:51pm CST
My wife made a very good point. Most religions have an origin story about where we came from. We either were created by Deity or came from the same source scientifically, depending on what you believe. So whether you believe that Adam and Eve were our original parents, or you believe we are all descended from monkeys like Darwin's theory, at some point we are all descended from the same race of beings. So if one way or another we all came from the same source, then what's the big friggin' deal about race? Yeah, we have different cultures, and different languages, but if we all came from the same source then why all the prejudice? You know, centuries ago We founded this country by forcibly removing the previous inhabitants from the land they had lived on for centuries. Most every one who lives in this country is descended from immigrants, or is an immigrant. So what's the big deal about immigrants coming into this country and not speaking English? We moved to this country and didn't speak a word of Cherokee, or Crow, or Sioux, or any of the native tribes languages. What makes us think that just because these people speak a different language that they aren't fit to be Americans? This is the kind of prejudice that we face. People don't like change, yet they forget that we forced change on this land the second we landed on it. Now change is coming again and we cry "foul". It's something to think about. Change is inevitable.
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