True Online Money Makers Only!!!!! (no fakes)

United States
September 6, 2009 2:30am CST
ok well imma try and keep this real simple we all no that making money online is extremly hard without have a downline so ive decided to create my own team of online money makers that will sign up under ech other and be active so tht we may all make money together people who try and make money by themselves would take a year to make money a person with a downline can make in a week so like i said ive decided to make a team only people who qualify to be in my inner circle you will get up to date info on any new and legit sites you will get others such as your self active clickers to sign up under you we even have internationl sites as well so if you like what youve heard so far leave you contact info such as your facebook,gmail if you do not have these to things at least then you dont qualify well have a goo day/night and happy mylotting and earning to you all
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