Lose your temper or come down~~~~

September 6, 2009 7:52am CST
What do you often do to come down when you want to lose your temper?Can you control youself well by some effective method?When your boss or leader was admonishing you,i guess most of us will choose keep peachful.When our patents or elders blamed us ,we'd follow what they have said.Even quarrel with our friends for some triaffs,when we realize it is nonessential,we try to come down. What if you confront some matter which make you can not control yourself,will you lose your temper or enduring that feeling which gotta kill you. Actually i'm not a girl of narrow-minded,but i can not help thinking that i have been cheated.I think i haven't got myself recovery.I got such a deeply hurt. I try to keep myself busy,it works at first,when i alone or when i open my eyes from my dream i become depressive again.I hate him.I him have cheated me and hurt me so deeply. Some days ago I read one of our members' discussion,she is in the same situation as me.she said that she was still in pieces and can't get her whole.so do i.I know i shouldn't always keep myself fully occupied bcz that is not good way.can you give me some effetive way? can You? wait your reply~~~~~~~~
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@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
6 Sep 09
yes, with our boss scolding us we cannot say or scream at him but with our family members we do quarrel and fight but we should not do this. we should be able to calm ourself and try to get control of our anger. for that i make my grip hard to drink my anger and take deep breaths at the same time. this helps me a lot to cool me down.