Preparing for Promotion

Trinidad And Tobago
September 6, 2009 9:20am CST
I am the guardian of my nephew, I guess I am his mom since he has no other living. It is time for him to start preparing for his promotion exam, which is very important because it decide which school you enter and the progress of your future in the world of work. I am finding it difficult to maintain the proper balance, how much is to little and how much is to much? I think it is a lot of work for a nine years old child, but children before and after him will be doing the same. The competition is so stiff that almost every child is signed up for extra lessons sometimes in different places. I am not sure that all of that is necessary. Yet I want him to not have the same opportunity as others. How do I find the right balance?. My sister died and left me her treasure, how do I keep him safe,shiny and happy at the same time.
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