can you help me!

Trinidad And Tobago
September 6, 2009 6:00pm CST
Ok guy i really need a good way to make some money on the internet. Let me start by saying i really dont want to join any ptc site or anything like it. Just a few dollars a day and i dont mind using a few different sites but i hate having to find referrals so if the only way to make money is by referrals am not really into it then.
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• United States
6 Sep 09
There are lots of different ways to make money online that don't involve referrals (although I believe that is one of the best markets...) some include: myLot - it doesn't pay a lot ... but you gotta admit it's a lotta fun!! IM report card - write reviews on other money making products, gurus, services, etc. - you can check my profile or pm me if you want more info... Cash Crate - They pay you to do surveys, fill out offers, etc - check out my profile...
@lunardog (12)
• India
12 Sep 09
Try playing Online Poker if you are good at it???? its a great way to make good money... you can make upto $300 a day with an investment of $7-$10 but like everything in life, nothing comes easy man.. you have to INVEST TO GET RETURNS... there are no free lunches..
11 Sep 09
I would recommend you check out a site called Dooyoo ( You are paid 50 pence to review products, films etc, and 1.5p every time you are rated by another member. I believe Dooyoo is available from the States. I've not been doing it long but it has been going for years and they do actually pay. I have been reviewing my favourite films and products I buy anyway, but I would warn that they do expect reviews of some quality, they have to be useful and a bit of effort gone into them. I have made £20 and I've only been doing it for a couple of weeks. Good luck. I am looking for extra money too.
@Baltek (261)
• Canada
8 Sep 09
Hi, my profile has 2 sites that you can use, one has jobs if you have some computers skills or you know more than 1 language. The other gives a few bucks a day for completing simple stuff like offers and quick 3-4 minutes surveys. I know while I have not made a fortune, the last check I got from TT was 22$ for very little work.