September 6, 2009 7:43pm CST
When there is a heavy downpour, we often hear the sound of thunder. But sometimes the thunder sound is so very loud and i fear as if some thunderball is going to fall on my house. Untill the rain stops, i can't do my work peacefully. i want to know whether all are afraid of this thunder sound?
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@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
8 Sep 09
Even I am afraid of thunder. In my mother's house, a thunder ball fell on a coconut tree and all the tree leaves were burnt. That is why I am afraid of thunder.
• India
7 Jun 10
You are absolutely right. Even in my childhood i have seen in my neighbour's house, a coconut tree was burning to ashes and 2 fire engines came and doused the fire. After my marriage, i saw one mango tree near my In law's house which is badly burnt because of the thunder ball falling on it. So when ever any rain comes and i hear a loud sound of thunders, i imagine as if thunder is going to fall on my house and become tensed
@k1tten (2321)
• United States
7 Sep 09
I love thunderstorms! I love the lightening and the thunder. Though there are a few times that I wonder about those storms. I've had storms come around my home that have shaken the windows and feels like it's shaken the foundations of my home. Had lightening strike a spot right in front of my house. That scared me beyond all belief though it was really cool.
• India
7 Jun 10
Hi kitten I love lightening but love small thunder sounds and not big ones which makes me scary and feel as if it is going to fall on my house and my house will collapse any moment.