In general, what is your biggest problem in relationship?

Problem in relationship - problem in relationship
@jen14ed (868)
September 6, 2009 8:12pm CST
Me my biggest problem in relationship would keeping the actual relationship alive. this usually happen because of a lack of conversation though.
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@misisbau (317)
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
My biggest problem is miscommunication.
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
7 Sep 09
I have been married to mY husband since 2001, and We are just now really getting to know each other good !! and back to the way we were when we were dating, a lot of things have happened over the years that put drifts between us, and now we are starting to enjoy beng with each again, we learned to listen to one another, and do things that we both enjoy , even if the other does not, it is a team effort, and I learned to stand up to my husband and be honest about how i felt when he ignored me when i talked and he did not answer me and how it made me feel and I now am honest with him about my feelings and needs and not just make everything about one person, we do communicate more, and spend more time together, but until i finaly got tired of just being passive and keeping my feeling to myself. now I talk and say what is on my mind and we are dong so much better, but i do know when to back down and I dont argue, we just try to work it out together now. and it is not one sided.. so I could not be happier then I am right now with my marriage.. plus i had to decided to give it my all. and realize how much my family means to me.
@hotsummer (10467)
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
my biggest problem in a relationship is i am full of insecurities. i don't feel comfortable staying in a relationship. and i don't stay in relationship that long. because these insecurities put a hurdle in having a lasting relationship . i wish that i can develop a real and lasting one cause i am not getting younger.