Talk about your unforgettable mistake.

@lcainiao (201)
September 6, 2009 8:17pm CST
Mistake are inevitable for people, intentionally or unintentionally. We always choose to forget mistakes we did before, we can bury it in our heart if it did not break the law. Those tricks in our childhood remain fresh even today when it comes to us. We treat them as jokes or beautiful memories. However, have you ever did some unforgettable mistakes or wrongdoings? Were they intentionally, or just unitentionally, but still hurt someone; or even though nobody hurt, but even today we still can't face up to this episode of life; or an embarrassed past which has been suppressing us for so long? Talk about the unforgettable mistakes you have done before. Get rid of the burden and let it go. There is a life about to start!
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