when will the 'HBV discrimination' come to an end?

@lcainiao (201)
September 6, 2009 8:47pm CST
There are two pieces of proceeding news. The first one is the abolishment of HBV check in regular physical checkup; but then there is another piece of news from the Health Department the following day, claiming that 'it is just the experts' opinion, rather than the official statement'. Before the Chinese HBV carriers wiped out their moving tears, they then became disappointed and furous, what a painstaking effort! It is learnt from the science that the HBV mainly exist in the liver, blood and humor and is spread throug blood and break milk, while the milk and saliva is hardly infections, i.e. the HBV infection is almost unrelated to the contact in everyday life (including food and drink). in this case, it is unreasonable for the companies to refuse any HBV carrier. The poor HBV carries are often discriminated in schools and companies, which will impose great pressure for their further study and employment. My dear friend, will you discriminate those with HBV carriers and when will it come to an end?
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