babies-x - see for u r self
November 13, 2006 7:13pm CST
I like babies . esp the toddelrs.I never see my nephew cry & always pick them hug them & kiss dem. these cute things are lovely to look at, to cuddled & shld enjoy the honey drawled voice of u like babies?
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• Nigeria
14 Nov 06
Yes i do like babies but i don't have enough cash to take care of them
@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
14 Nov 06
i love babies...from infancy to about 3 years after...after that, oh
@marthab (325)
• United States
14 Nov 06
I love babies. I could have newborns forever. When they get to three, it gets harder. They say terrible twos but I do not agree, three is much, much worse.
@tjmoola (1861)
• United States
14 Nov 06
I love babies also they are so cute! That pic is sweet! /\~~~Good~~~\/ /\~~~Luck~~~~\/ /\~~~On~~~~~\/ /\~~~MyLot~~~\/ Tjmoola ™